Nine-Point Plan for Stopping the Great Reset

  1. Refuse CBDC (Central Bank Digital currency).

  2. Reject Internet of Bodies (IoB) technologies, the installation of devices in your body, the Metaverse, and transhumanism.

  3. Refuse digital identity.

      • “Inclusion” means totalitarianism.

  4. Practice the free market.

      • Reduce/eliminate dependence on the state.

      • Disengage, as much as possible, from establishment institutions, including most educational institutions.

      • Become or remain as entrepreneurial as possible.

      • Buy locally, from farmers’ markets, etc.

      • Establish parallel economies, currencies, and social networks.

      • Consider joining independent communities, such as freedom cells.

  5. Divest from ESG stocks and electronically traded funds (ETFs) that include ESG-indexed stocks.

  6. Remove money from ESG-reporting banks and avoid buying insurance from ESG-reporting insurance companies.

  7. Put extreme pressure on government representatives to do the following:

  • protect national sovereignty and individual rights;

  • divest and disassociate from the World Economic Forum and all its tentacles;

  • withdraw from the UN and the World Health Organization;

  • withdraw state and other pensions from ESG-indexed stocks, withdrawing from ESG-investing asset managers such as BlackRock, Inc., State Street, and the Vanguard Group, among many others;

  • bring antitrust legislation against ESG investing.

8. Encourage the defection of elites from the globalist agenda.

  • Identify elites who might oppose the agenda for moral, ethical, or economic reasons and appeal to them by writing emails, letters, and by putting this nine-point plan (included in my book, The Great Reset and the Struggle for Liberty) into their hands.

9. Network with like-minded individuals and spread this plan digitally and analogically.

(See “The Great Reset and the Grand Refusal” for a more detailed statement.)