I’m running to wrest power from the corrupt, incompetent, and tyrannical federal government and to restore it to the people by:

  • Slashing government spending, taxes, and restoring a free-market system that allows young people a future and the elderly security by untangling the federal government from its corporate power brokers. This includes abolishing the income tax, ending corporate bailouts and subsidies, cutting red tape, and eliminating all foreign aid.
  • Stopping inflation at the source by auditing and abolishing the federal reserve and allowing legal alternative currencies, like gold, silver, Bitcoin, and Monero.
  • Abolishing politicized and costly agencies and departments that do not have the interests of the average American at heart, including the IRS, the FBI, the CIA, the Department of Education, the ATF, and the TSA.
  • Keeping the peace by opposing all but defensive wars, ending U.S involvement in the war in Ukraine, ending the saber-rattling with China, and bringing U.S. troops home from the 800 bases around the world to secure our homeland.
  • Promoting rigorous use of the 10th Amendment to nullify all unconstitutional federal laws by the states and localities. The states created the federal government; they are not owned by it.
  • Refusing all covid and other “emergency” mandates and investigating all agencies and corporations involved in formulating and executing the disastrous covid response measures.
  • Eliminating government and intelligence agency influence over the media and Big Tech.
  • Ending the use of DEI criteria in federal hiring and promotions.
  • Ending government involvement in the ESG scam that is politicizing the economy, and more…