Statist Ideology and War: Israel versus Hamas

Statist Ideology and War: Israel versus Hamas. By Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D.. Mises Wire. 8 November 2023. As I wrote in my previous piece on statism and the Israel-Hamas conflict, states are organized crime rackets. Wars between states thus represent warfare between rival gangs. The proper libertarian position with reference to such gang wars is neutrality, or the opposition to all state parties to war.

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Statism Is the Cause of the Israel-Hamas War

Statism Is the Cause of the Israel-Hamas War. By Michael Rectenwald, Ph.D.. Mises Wire. 30 October 2023. The state is an organized crime racket. It appropriates wealth by coercion and regularly uses force in violation of the nonaggression principle.

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The Two Nations

Two political, economic, and cultural movements are vying for the soul of America. One is a program from above, and the other, a movement from below. But neither is nationalist as such. One aims to dissolve the nation into a universalist glob, while the other intends to starve the state of resources and disempower its means of centralized command and control. The dominant, top-down political orientation of the current regime is globalism. It makes no practical difference to the U.S. whether the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, or any other globalist organization is behind its program, although they are. It has been fully embraced by the government and its corporate partners, or what I call, in my book Google Archipelago, “governmentalities,” otherwise “private”companies that operate as state apparatuses and undertake state functions. Globalism has as its aim the de facto if not legal dissolution of the sovereignty of the United [...]

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The Economic Coercion and ‘Repressive Tolerance’ of the Woke Regime

I am tasked with talking with about how the regime seeks to control our schools, our families, and even our speech by denouncing everything it dislikes as “hate.” First, although I am the last speaker today, I will have to define what I mean by “the regime.” Just what is this regime that we speak of? The regime, of course, includes the government itself. The government, as I will show, is exerting its power to control expression and information, peddle official narratives, dictate to schools, and control and alter the substance of families themselves. It seeks to define and delimit our rights by suggesting that they have been accorded to us by the government in the first place. For example, when asked by a reporter whether she was upholding her oath to the Constitution upon issuing a public health order suspending the right to carry guns in public in Albuquerque and [...]

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The Great Reset and the Grand Refusal

I’ll begin by addressing the elephant in the room. Isn’t the Great Reset simply a “conspiracy theory” concocted by “rightwing extremists?” According to the New York Times[1] and the Anti-Defamation League,[2] the Great Reset has no basis in fact. Or, as the BBC claims,[3] the Great Reset is a benign effort on the part of “leading thinkers”[4] to bring about “a fairer, greener future,”[5] based on a reset of capitalism. Meanwhile, Time devoted an issue to the Great Reset, effectively hailing it as the solution to all our problems post-covid.[6] Klaus Schwab, the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum (WEF), suggests that the Great Reset is merely an attempt to address the weaknesses of capitalism exposed by the covid crisis, as well as the looming catastrophes posed by unmitigated climate change and environmental degradation. I don’t mean to suggest that the truth lies somewhere between denial and [...]

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The Putrid Underbelly of Woke Capitalism

Corporate intrigue reached a fevered pitch on May 6, 2023, in Omaha, Nebraska, when a shareholder was arrested during the annual shareholder meeting of Berkshire Hathaway. The shareholder challenged the affiliation of Warren Buffett with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Bill Gates’s association with Jeffrey Epstein, who was convicted in Florida for procuring a child for prostitution and soliciting a prostitute, and who reportedly committed suicide in a New York jail while facing charges for sex trafficking and conspiracy to engage in sex trafficking. Peter Flaherty, the chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC), stood to offer proposal number eight, which called for the roles of Berkshire CEO and chair to be separated and held by two persons. Flaherty argued that the separation of roles was necessary so that Berkshire “would be less identified with Mr. Buffett’s personal political activities.” Speaking of Buffett, Flaherty stated: He’s donated [...]

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Why Fox Fired Tucker: BlackRock, Replacement Theory, and the ADL

Why did Fox News fire Tucker Carlson? Some claim that Tucker had planned to leave the network all along, and merely resigned. He had even had a studio built in his own home. He was fed up with Fox and decided to call it quits, so the story goes. But this theory is belied by the fact that Tucker’s production team was taken entirely by surprise by the news. For instance, I received the following text message from Scooter Downey, a producer of Tucker Carlson Originals, in response to my query after the announcement: “No idea what’s going on. Crazy!” Bill O’Reilly, who hosted The O’Reilly Factor, which appeared in the same time slot as Tucker Carlson Tonight, remarked that Tucker and his staff were blind-sided by the decision. “They were putting together tonight’s, Monday night’s program,” O’Reilly claimed. “They were actively involved with making the rundown as all of [...]

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